Bahia Honda Bridge Over Tropical Water

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The Bahia Honda Bridge, an historic and glorious glimpse into the path of yesteryear to Key West, Florida.  This amazing bridge spans over 5,055 feet, built form 1905-1912, and heavily damaged in the Great Hurricane of 1935, it was taken over by the State and converted from a rail line to a two lane highway by adding a top deck wide enough for car travel.  The Bridge traverses from Bahia Honda Key to Spanish Harbor Key at Mile Marker 36, from US1, just 36 miles to Key West, Mile Marker Zero, of course.

Originally built from the private funds of billionaire Henry Flagler, former partner to John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Trust, it was abandoned after being heavily damaged in 1935, which also led to the end of the over seas highway project of the time.  Many WWI veterans and others lost their lives in its creation.  It was retired when a new highway went through just to the West of it current location, and still stands today, used as part of the Bahia Honda State Park (on the Northern Side) since 1972, although two large spans have been removed to allow larger boat traffic to navigate the Bahia Channel.  

This piece is bright and airy, historic and has a very interesting story which crosses generations.  Nautical and relevant; let your mind unwind imagining a trip through the peaceful still unrefined look at a South Florida Adventure born form another era, still full of mystery and a sure conversation starter.  Available in canvas, metal, and "wet look" epoxy on wood block.

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