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How it's Made & Packed

Most of our products are designed, made, and assembled in house.  This enables us to control the final product and how it is made and delivered to you. By choosing quality canvas, kiln dried profiled stretcher bars, archival quality inks, and more, we can be sure that we are delivering an item that you can be proud to own and hang.

canvas prints close up

The details matter!  We use profiled stretchers bars (not flat front faced) to suspend the canvas from edge to edge, and quality stretchers.  Others may use 1"x2" or 2"x2" rough pine without a profile and call this a gallery wrap.  While it is cheaper, squared edges can show through the canvas and thinner rough lumber can easily warp and crack, and that is why we use profile edged kiln dried stretchers.

Stretcher bars canvas office prints

We use heavy quality coated canvas matte designed for high resolution printing.  We can get an accurate and consistent color profile from our canvas and we can trust that it won't fail under normal tension.  Others may use lightweight, off-shore, and inconsistent canvas, and while it is much cheaper, it will not perform as well over time and will not print with consistent colors or hold as much ink.  We like quality canvas, with a wide and consistent color gamut, with a reliable coating surface that enables us to deliver to you an amazing print every time.
Packed Canvas for Shipping
We calibrate our many computer monitors in 4K, and calibrate and profile our printers, paper and ink, even our room lighting, so that we can be confident that we are creating and delivering a truly amazing product that reflects that attention to detail in every final product we make.  We are proud of what we do and we want you to know that your item was made from start to finish with a great deal of care and a sincere desire to design, print, manufacture, and deliver the best products we can, every time.

We take the time to wrap, corner protect, and box our canvas prints for the rigors of the road.  We want you to get our best, not our best after a rough night on the road.  We could compromise, but why?  It is important to us that you get the quality product we shipped just the way we shipped it.