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Canvas Prints

    • Our prints are made on 450gsm, 20mil high quality bright white, UV resistant canvas-poly made specifically for photographic style prints and giclee’s of finer detail and high resolution.  They have a texture of canvas and capture images in stunning quality.   
    • The prints are archival quality and the inks are made to last in excess of 200 years.  We use kiln dried hard wood stretchers to prevent warp, shrink, and sag, for many years of carefree enjoyment.  We do not use Optical Brightening Agents or OBA's which are cheaper but can cause color shift over time.
    • Canvas prints are gallery wrapped on a 1.25”-1.5” frame perfect to display prints – no additional framing needed.  They are lightweight and easy to hang.
    • They can be wiped clean with a cotton cloth and are fairly resilient, but should be treated with care as you might expect.  Canvas prints are ready to hang and come pre-fit with hanging hardware already attached. 

      Metal Prints

      • Made from specially coated, dye infused metal, and are extremely durable.  Metal prints are stunning, offering incredible image detail, clarity, and resolution.   
      • The image is infused to the metal with heat and pressure and is scratch and abrasion resistant as well as truly remarkable in color and detail.  Metal is unrivaled in the minds of many as a gorgeous print medium.  We would agree, the prints are incredible and rich with detail.
      • These prints are made to last a lifetime, with archival 200+ year inks, and a have very durable surface. 
      • We have seen demonstrations where coffee, wine, water, even rubbing alcohol was poured directly onto the surface of these and wiped away without any noticeable damage.  While we wouldn’t recommend it, it is good to know that these prints are made to carefree and resist easy damage. You can clean these with a soft dampened cotton cloth with water only.

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