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Important Notes About Colors, Gamut, and Matching

We make extraordinary efforts on our end to ensure that our files are ready to be produced in a precise and uniform way, consistent, vibrant and amazing.

By using color calibration, precise monitors, and print profiles, we strive for a high standard in our prints.

Please note that - the appearance on the monitors screens of others across the web world will vary.  We can control many factors within our own process, but we cannot control the appearance of our images or the colors seen on other systems accessing our website.  Because computer monitors, video cards, user settings, etc vary so dramatically, we cannot predict how your system will display the images you see on our website, or the colors, tone, or contrast.

It is important to understand that if you must have a perfect match in color that this may not happen and would be considered normal.  Perhaps you might consider an item that has a color gradation in it, or an item that will work in a space regardless of a perfect match.

We want you to love your image and enjoy it for many years.  Please be aware of the aforementioned notes about colors.  We do not accept returns based on color matching for these reasons.  Our full return policy can be seen here.