Hello! Welcome to the iDesign Gallery website!  We offer amazing canvas gallery wrapped prints and more, for the home or office.

Thanks for visiting us.  We are based in Boca Raton, and Fort Myers, FL and started making prints after taking and processing hundreds of thousands of images, some for clients, and others simply for the passion of photography.  Over the years we have contributed to stock sites like iStock and Getty and have shot products and events for Fortune 500 companies you probably know like, Nestle, Bacardi, Lear, LG, and others.  Our work can be seen related to products on the shelves of Office Depot, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and more.

We have been fortunate to have traveled to some incredible locations and to work with some fantastic professionals, artisans, and models, and have built an image portfolio of our own work that was truly where the passion of our business is grounded.  While we love to produce great images, portraits, landscape, food, and products – the art was always the most intriguing part of the creative fuel – the passion that makes you tear yourself from the peaceful and cozy confines of a warm bed in the lost hours of the day between late night and the early morning to chase that incredible sunrise, or the golden light, in the mist of the morning - that was what we felt was worth sharing.

Those were the images we loved and craved to capture.  The ones that were worth that extra hour, that long car ride, the wait in the rain – the images that fueled the passion of great photography!  We thought you might enjoy a glimpse and the beauty of that pursuit, that passion, of exactly that thing we loved too.  

The Creative Process

Nearly all of our items begin with meticulous photography using some of the finest camera bodies and lenses available.  In many instances, cases of heavy equipment, lights, and stands, are also part of the process.  It always starts with a great photo – nothing else can rival the image itself, no amount of equipment, plugin, preset, or Photoshop slider can recreate that essential element.

By calibrating our monitors, gamut, print profiles, and with close attention to the fine details the creative process can take its shape.  Our products are unique and can be found only here with rare exception.  All of our items are shot in very high resolution and specifically designed and handled to be made into prints.  Upscaling, low rez conversion, poor quality image recovery are not in our vernacular. 

We place our focus on quality materials from heavy cotton poly canvas to archival quality inks and photo paper, heavier engineered stretchers bars, and much more.  We believe that placing an emphasis on quality components is what will bring our clients back for more.  Big box and online stores may offer plenty of vinyl "canvas-like" options, or thin, plastic stretcher bar, OBA's (Optical Brightening Agents), mass produced imports, bulk 3rd party ink, and a wide range of other cheaper shortcuts, we just don't see value for our customers in that approach. 

With the help our own bound-fully energetic chocolate lab, Jules, overseeing the entire operation we make every effort to provide consistent, high quality prints, on long-lasting materials every day, every time.  More than occasionally long projects are happily interrupted by engaging meetings in the pool, exhausting games of fetch, and the ever popular – duck chasing.  No ducks were harmed :)

Our process is designed to make quality and customer satisfaction built in and part of our mentality and core.  We want you to love your purchase, now and for many years to follow.

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