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Epoxy on Wood Block Prints

These epoxy on wood block prints, sometimes called "wet look" coated prints, are high contrast deep and richly colored under a very hard ultra clear coating.  They accent the colors and detail of any image.  The print is a heavy coated archival photo paper print set in a non-reactive pH neutral adhesive, mounted on a hard pressed 1/2" wood block. then coated in a deep clear epoxy resin.

They do have more weight than canvas or metal and have heavy duty hangers installed and are strung with higher strength coated metal hanging cable.  Each piece also has half inch floaters installed to float it evenly away from the wall just slightly for a refined and luxurious finish.

We have developed a very specific process using a recipe of heat, time, flame, and care to make these come out truly amazing, sure to impress.  Not everyone makes these, as they have specific difficulties, and making them is not for the faint of heart!

Although, when complete these prints are some of the most impressive and luxurious that can be found.  A definite leap above the ordinary and are extraordinary in any space, providing a feel of opulence and discerning taste.

In Process and Sample Finished Pics

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